welcome to heritage store


Started in 2011, The beginning of a new era in our history. The foundations of our brand started from trading Tanzanites. Which was just the beginning, we started from trading to mine-to-market system, where we started buying roughs and manufactured them to cut stones. Tanzanite was the reason we got recognised in the market and which brought our popularity. We started from Hong Kong and expanded our empire into 4 different places. Our customer hail from all over world.


Our founder, Deepesh Mamodiya started his own business of tanzanites trading in 2011. Which gained incredible recognition and developed its own base, which lead to our first expansion into Colombian Emeralds. Colombian Emerald is the secret behind our success as we sourced all our products directly from Bogota, which was specially selected by our founder.

Our first entry into Jewellery was in 2014, where we decided to work on wholesale semi-precious jewellery in silver. Which was greeted with such welcome that it allowed us to work in our metals such as gold, titanium and platinum. This is the second chapter in our history. This is where our founder’s son Anirudh Mamodiya stepped up and handled this division. All exclusive jewellery are part of the AJ Design which is a subsidiary of Global Links.

The exclusive jewellery line was brought into auction which was another break through in our history. We started working with multiple gemstones such as Spinel, Tsavorites, Aquamarine and others. We are also supplying TV channel companies as well as big multinational corporations with our unique designs as well as our incredibly sourced gemstones.